Some Noises!

Some mangled sounds created by clicking buttons on the computer and seeing what comes out.

All noises are MP3 files. They are not loaded until you click Play so there may be a short delay with longer files.
Ideally you should hit all the play buttons so they are all playing at the same time.

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A definition of noise. (2:22)
(Nu-Ambient-Deep-Fidget-Outsider) House (demolition) (7:19)
Squeaky Swing Time. (1:54)
Nowhere to go and all day to get there. (8:31)
(Extract from) Mr. S. comes for tea. (1:17)
Slow 1. A piano piece slowed down. (2:50)
Slow 1.1. Variation. (2:27)
Slow 1.2. Further variation.(5:02)
Something I Forgot To Say While You Weren't Listening. (2:16)
Between The Waves (on a stormy sea). (10:49)
Martean. A picture of Martine drinking tea which was processed to produce sound. (2:35)
Piece 444. (4:44)
Rolling Rick. Created with an audio plug-in from a few April Fools Days ago that Rick Rolled your masterpiece. (6:47)
Dumpty. I suspect was MIDI from Xynthesizr fed into a sampled hang thingy (probably in Kontakt) (13:26)
All mixed up and nowhere to go. A piece by Duke Ellington, duplicated, sampled, looped and mixed back into itself as the piece progresses. (9:14)
Purple Shift. A second copy drifts out of sync with the first until, eventually, they are both in sync again. (7:09)
Wonky. (1:33)
Gam-A-Lan-A-Ding-Dong. Some Gamelan fun. (7:58)
Alison Sleeping (in 1968) (2:35)
Sarah Laughing (in 1968) (1:36)
Madeleine Dancing (in 1968) (1:41)
Begging. (0:22)
Absa. (1:36)
Undustrial. (1:06)
Moving Towards The Sound Of One Hand Clapping. (13:08)
(Never Ending) Loop (part 27). (1:55)
(Never Ending) Loop (part 34). (4:37)
(Never Ending) Loop (part 39). (2:01)

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