Some pictures of the construction of Rhos-on-Sea's breakwater

Diggers working on a beach moving rocks and sand.

In 1983 a breakwater was built at Rhos-on-Sea to help defend the low lying Penrhyn Avenue from flooding when there was a high tide. [See Rhos section of Beach lowering in front of coastal structures (PDF)]

Rocks were carried in on a hopper barge which split along its length to drop the rocks on to the beach so the diggers could construct the breakwater with them. pies of rocks on a beach is the tide comes in around them. If the tide was turning by the time the barge was in position to drop the rocks they could become grounded on their own load.

a barge split and stuck on its load A barge balanced on the rocks it had dropped but on which it is now grounded

This required the diggers to clear as much material as possible so it could be floated off on the next high tide.

Diggers clearing rocks and sand from around a grounded barge to assist in its release.

At which point tugs would try and liberate the barge.

Two tugs attempt to re-float a gounded barge.

On a good day (from a spectators perspective) a digger would get stuck too and the other diggers would need to pull it out of the sandy gloop.

Diggers working on a beach as the tide comes in around them